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Griff Gristle: The Endless Voyage (Book 3)

Griff Gristle: The Endless Voyage (Book 3)

Written by Jones/Sambrook

Art by Rory Donald

48 Pages


Griff Gristle continues to be our only protection from the nightmares of the deep and it is becoming ever clearer that the nightmares are rising. 


Following the explosive ending of The Siren’s Song, Griff and Justine are in way over their heads with seemingly no way out… Their lives and the lives of everyone they know hang in the balance as the Children of the Waves finally look to make their move. Secrets and hidden truths begin to unfurl as Griff, Justine and an old acquaintance Rich look to the dark arts for answers, some of which might have been best left lurking below.


Brace the main sails, strap yourself to the mizzenmast and prepare to join THE ENDLESS VOYAGE.

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